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Who we are.

We're the brand who turns everything into roses.

We are a SUSTAINABLE and ETHICAL clothing brand from country in Eastern Europe - Latvia - with blooming nature, forests, meadows, lakes...
We’re building a modern and eco-conscious business model for FUTURE-ORIENTED clothing production to REDUCE textile pollution by creating dresses that are SAFE TO COMPOST and 100% compostable packaging. Our office is in Latvia, but we source materials and packaging from Portugal, UK and India.


Reduce textile pollution.


Create clothing that is safe to compost.


Build a botanical flower garden with clothing composting place.

A BOTANICAL GARDEN with flowers and glass buildings...

FUTURE of Rosafella ♡ To create a botanical flower garden and use the COMPOST made from compostable clothes to GROW the flowers. Big glass buildings, rose gardens, and other flowers blooming in their glory. Also, a composting place in the garden where the compostable clothes will be decomposing and later used on the flowers.

Would you like to see flower gardens, not landfills in the world?

Choose your favorite dress from “Rosafella” and once you’ve worn out it out – we will compost the dress and plant a rose for you. You’ll be apart of the vision and will get the chance to see your rose bloom.
Sustainable clothing brand in Europe | Compostable event wear


We believe in future-oriented business models.
We believe in transparent production and supply chain.
We believe in development and progress.
We believe cost should match with quality and longevity.
Sustainable clothing brand in Europe | Compostable event wear


We believe in naturally dyed clothing.
We believe in plastic-free and toxic-free fashion.
We believe in waste reduction.
We believe in prudent use of resources.
Sustainable clothing brand in Europe


We believe in ethically made clothing.
We believe in fair working conditions and proper wages.
We believe in thoughtful and considerate shopping.
We believe in taking care of your clothing.

Make flower gardens, not landfills.

For once to not throw out your favorite clothing piece, after it’s worn out, but to turn it into something beautiful…

We wanted to take circularity to the next level by building a flower garden where compost made from the compostable dresses will be used to grow roses and other plants.
Sustainable and ethical fashion brand in Europe
Sustainable and ethical clothing brand from Latvia, Baltic States

About Founder

I have dreams, but Earth has a heart…

That was in the mind of a 7-year-old girl who promised herself not to follow the usual career paths, but to create something MEANINGFUL. My whole life I’ve dreamed BIG. And I mean crazy big. I had no rules, no lines, no box, nothing. I’m an Aries, what can you expect from me…?!?

I have found how to combine two close passions – fashion and nature. Thanks to the “Junior Achievment Latvia” Leadership program, I have officially started building a sustainable clothing brand.

Creating compostable (yes, that’s right) dresses! That are sewn from natural and organic materials and are plastic-free, toxic-free. Perfectly safe for composting!

I want to encourage everybody to do what they love. I want everybody to feel like they’re special just the way they are. They CAN and you CAN achieve anything that seems impossible.


Katrina, founder of STRIPE STUDIO