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We're the brand that
turns everything into flowers.

Rosafella is a place of inspiration, creativity and innovation.

Sustainability can't exist without ethical work environment and appropriate wages.

Right from the start it has been a priority for us to ensure everyone working on “Rosafella” feels inspired and welcomed.
We work with seamstresses that have their own private studios. In this way they have safe working conditions and for every beautiful “Rosafella” dress they are paid well above minimum wage to show appreciation for their work and skill.

We're here to show you the magic of nature.

Plant-based materials have such a great potential in fashion.


Our mission is to create in harmony with nature for the creation to later become part of the nature.

our plastic-free policy

In fashion for so many years it has been normal to design something without thinking about how that clothing piece would be discharged. It has been about creating a stylish product with a good price. I want to challenge myself to create clothing pieces that would usually require plastic closures or synthetic fabrics. “Design without plastic.” I want to change the perspective of what sustainable fashion can look like and to show that being sustainable doesn’t limit creativity in fashion.
Materials made from fossil fuels are environmentally degrading and emission intensive. Not to mention they release microfibers, (also known as microplastics) in the water when they are being washed in the washing machine. And yes, even recycled materials made from used fabrics, fishing nets etc. are releasing them. This leads to more microplastic swimming next to animals in the water. That’s why we have plastic-free policy for our products and packaging.
Katrina Resne, founder of Rosafella


plastic-free | compostable | zero waste

Packaging often is over the top and wasteful. That’s not a sustainable option for the planet and it creates unnecessary trash for us. That is why we made sure to use compostable and necessary packaging elements in order to provide to you with 100% compostable packaging.
Courier Satchel | Made from renewable plants & PBAT. Home & commercially compostable. It will biodegrade in approx. 3-6 months.

Box | Natural cardboard box, with no surface treatment at all. It will compost in approx. 3 months.

Tissue Paper | Made from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable forests, without chlorine and acid.

Label | Made from the same fabric as the dress, not printed.

Tag | Digital tag sent to e-mail once the purchase has been made. No paper waste and pollution from printing.