Grow the Garden of Wonder with us.

The place for dreaming.

Our vision is to show how textile waste can become beauty.

Garden of Wonder

Imagine… big glass palace, flower labyrinth, little waterfalls, flowers blooming all around. This magical place will be built for you to enjoy nature and dream. For now it’s a balcony garden and a vision board waiting for it’s big moment.

A flower is planted with every purchase

What kind of flower?

You can choose!

At the checkout you’ll be able to choose the flower that you want to see blooming in the Garden of Wonder.
Don’t worry, you’ll be right next to her all the way. Come to this page after your dress has arrived, to see the progress of your chosen flower.

What are they eating?

Some yummy textile waste!

Not kidding at all...

Every fabric scrap and thread that is left from the production is planted under flowers. All the materials are plant-based and certified accordingly to ensure that our textile waste doesn’t divide into tiny microplastics, but actually enriches the soil.

What happens to "Rosafella's" worn out dresses?