From a Dress to a Rose

Rosafella circularity program

Make sure you're clothes don't end up in landfills.

Rosafella dresses will become this

Other dresses will become this

Our clothes come from the Earth.

We return them back to Earth in a way that doesn't harm
soil, but rather improves it.

by the magic of nature!

Every “Rosafella” clothing piece is biodegradable and even safe to put in compost. All the materials are plant-based and certified accordingly to ensure that our designed dresses doesn’t divide into tiny microplastics, but actually enriches the soil.

You can send back any “Rosafella” piece for it to become part of nature again, or you can indulge in this process yourself. See below for instructions.

I have a garden

1. Cut up the dress into smaller pieces. Buttons can be cut off as well.
2. Burry the dress pieces in your garden or bigger pot under a thick layer of soil.
3. For faster results you can put all the dress pieces in your compost with other organic waste and let it do its thing.

I don't have a garden

Coming soon

Tested and Proven

We worked with the Latvian University’s Institute of Biology to test linen fabric and lyocell threads for biodegradability. The test results showed that these materials need 30 days for them to biodegrade.

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