Aroma Bags

aka Closet Cocktails
Make your closet a fragrant heaven! Our Closet Cocktails aka aroma bags can be placed in drawers, closets, or other spaces to scent and refresh. Made only with plant-based materials, the aroma bags are safe to breathe in and easy to recycle under flowers. Choose from a variety of scents with dried fruits, herbs, or flowers—just like your favorite cocktails!

Made in Latvia.
1.Hang the aroma bags in your closet or place them on the shelves or in your drawers.
2.Let the aroma bag fill the space with its scent.
3.Every few weeks, break the wax brittle that’s inside the aroma bag (without opening the bag) to renew the scent.
Hand wash the aroma bags by taking out the wax brittle beforehand.
Do not iron the aroma bags to prevent oil spots from leftover wax.
Made only from plant-based materials, both the wax and aroma bag are biodegradable and safe to compost.

When the aroma bags have completely lost their scents, and you’ve already broken the wax brittle into millions of pieces, it’s time to recycle the aroma bags in an easy and beautiful way.

Place the aroma bags in a flower pot or garden under some soil, where they will biodegrade in 3–6 months, thanks to water, soil, and the plant above them.