100% compostable packaging

plastic-free | compostable | zero waste

More about the packaging.

Packaging often is over the top and wasteful.
That’s not a sustainable option for the planet and it creates unnecessary trash for us.
That is why we made sure to use compostable and necessary packaging elements in order to provide to you 100% compostable packaging.

Courier satchel

Made from renewable plants & PBAT. Partially carbon neutral, some wind & renewable energy. Waterproof, tear resistant. Home & commercially compostable. It will compost in approx. 3-6 months.


Natural cardboard box, with no surface treatment at all. It will compost in approx. 3 months.

Tissue paper

Made from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable forests, without chlorine and acid.


Made from the same fabric as the dress, not printed.


From a premier handmade paper manufacturer in Spain. Made out of cotton exactly in the same way as it was done before any paper machine was used. With natural pigments, neutral glue and pure water.


Digital tag sent to e-mail once the purchase has been made. No paper waste and pollution from printing.