Organic dresses dyed with plant-based dyes

Organic fabrics

GOTS certified organic fabrics.

Naturally dyed

Dyed using natural dye from plants.

Lyocell threads

Sustainably produced and dyed according to OEKO TEX certification in Portugal.​

Coconut buttons

Made from coconut shells.

More about naturally dyed fabrics.


• Dark colors may bleed for 1-2 washes
• Hand wash or soft washing in machine 30 to 40 degrees max
• Use natural or ecological detergents (in liquid form only)
• No dry cleaning
• Iron on reverse


• Watermarks may form if textiles are put partially in water/or water is spilled and then dried. Fabric suppliers recommend to dip the whole garment in water or put it in the washing machine to avoid the watermarks.
• Liquid soap/or soap powder diluted in liquid form is recommended for the washing purpose.
• Slight colour change after washing is natural and depends on the kind of detergent and particular water of the area used while washing, since the colors are sensitive to minerals.
• Results in natural dye fabric production cannot be compared to synthetic dye fabric production. Marks or uneaveness due to natural dyeing process must be accepted. It makes each piece unique.


• The fresh indigo blue dyed article if stored for a long period of time should be kept covered and away from light since it’s light sensitive. It is best not to keep the blue garments folded in order to avoid yellow fold mark due to ozone depletions. This problem subsided once used for 3-4 washed.
• Yellow is sensitive to light.
• All colors except blue, white and some paste shades are highly sensitive to citric content or lime.
Information provided by our fabric suppliers.
Stripe Studio will not be responsible for not following the instructions and issues caused when washing the garments.