Elegant, sexy, and bold fashion
made from plants

for a high value woman

who cares about her style and well-being

I started to learn about sustainability in 2020, but I was left uninspired to improve my lifestyle. It seemed limited, boring, difficult, and soo brown-and-green. None of the brands out there fit my style—elegant, sexy, bold, sporty, chic, and luxe. I saw that sustainability could be inspiring, modern, and stylish, which motivated me to start creating my own clothing pieces. I noticed that lots of eco-friendly clothes are missing one thing—they should all be fully biodegradable (meaning, no plastic). So, here I am with Rosafella, designing plant-based clothing to live more mindfully, with respect to nature, and become the best version of myself.

—Katrina, founder of Rosafella


Camellia Bow Skirt

€ 111.95

Water Lily Top

€ 122.95

plant-based clothing

We use fabric, threads, elastic, and other materials only made from plants. Bye, plastic forever.

ethically made in latvia

Every Rosafella piece is made with love & care in Latvia by seamstresses with individual studios to ensure safe and inspiring working conditions.

adjustable to your body

Thanks to elastics and tie details, every Rosafella is adjustable or adjusts to your body. Because clothes are made to fit the body, not bodies should be altered to fit clothes.
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