Would you like to see flower gardens, not landfills in the world?

Choose your favorite dress from “Rosafella” and once you’ve worn out it out – we will compost the dress and plant a rose for you. You’ll be apart of the process and will get the chance to see your rose bloom.

Choose compostable dresses

Wearable, comfortable, washable

Make sure you're clothes don't end up in landfills.

Rosafella dresses will become this


Other dresses will become this


find your rose

Organic and natural light blue cotton wrap dress

compostable dresses

1. Wear the dress
2. Send it back.
3. We will turn it into roses

This will be your dress after 5 years.

Can’t believe it? Let me show you.

No clothes will be sent to landfills.

Billions of clothes are sent to landfills every year.

No synthetic materials used.

No plastic zippers, buttons, synthetic fabrics or threads.

No microplastic pollution will be created.

35% of microplastic pollution is clothing & textiles.

Feel good about placing an order with us

Organic, natural, biodegradable, compostable dress

100% compostable packaging

100% compostable packaging

Send back your dress once it's worn out. We'll compost it - not throw it in the trash.

A BOTANICAL GARDEN with flowers and glass buildings...

FUTURE of Rosafella ♡ To create a botanical flower garden and use the COMPOST made from compostable clothes to GROW the flowers. Big glass buildings, rose gardens, and other flowers blooming in their glory. Also, a composting place in the garden where the compostable clothes will be decomposing and later used on the flowers.